Professional ThermalSolutions Professional ThermalSolutions

Professional Thermal

With a team of experienced professionals and cutting-edge Semiconductor Cooling
Technologies. Huajing offers tailored thermal management solutions for industries
ranging from medical devices to industrial automation.

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Thermoelectric CoolerAssemblies for the IVD & PCR Thermoelectric CoolerAssemblies for the IVD & PCR

Thermoelectric Cooler
Assemblies for the IVD & PCR

Keeping the samples cool and results accurate! With the advanced cooling technology,
say goodbye to fluctuations in temperature and welcome reliable and consistent results
while precious samples are properly preserved. Trust in Huajing's Thermoelectric Cooler
Assemblies for the best in sample cooling solutions.

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Say Goodbye to Heatand Hello to Smooth Skin Say Goodbye to Heatand Hello to Smooth Skin

Say Goodbye to Heat
and Hello to Smooth Skin

Don't let heat and humidity compromise the effectiveness of your beauty products.
Choose Huajing's market-leading Thermoelectric Cooler Assemblies with the coolest
technology for ultimate hair removal comfort and precise temperature control.

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Tailored Innovative ThermalManagement Solutions for the Needs Tailored Innovative ThermalManagement Solutions for the Needs

Tailored Innovative Thermal
Management Solutions for the Needs

Personalized service to make customer needs more perfect! With a focus
on market demands, Huajing provides responsive and competitive
customized thermal solutions to meet even the most unique needs.

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From Project Start to Implementation,E2E Thermal Control Systems From Project Start to Implementation,E2E Thermal Control Systems

From Project Start to Implementation,
E2E Thermal Control Systems

Huajing provides complete life cycle management services process for various industries,
from research and development design to manufacturing and delivery.

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Efficient Heat Transferfor Sustainable Development    Efficient Heat Transferfor Sustainable Development

Efficient Heat Transfer
for Sustainable Development

Huajing is committed to continuous innovation in thermal control technology to support
green development and create value for parthers for efficient and reliable green energy solutions.

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Industry Application

At Huajing, we are dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art thermal management solutions that cater to a wide spectrum of industries. With a focus on precision, reliability, and innovation, our integrated temperature control technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing the performance and longevity of critical systems within various sectors.

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Customized Service

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Diverse Industries
Diverse Industries

products provide
greater value

Huajing has a team of senior practitioners who specialize in heat pipe research 

and development of semiconductor cooling technology, and is equipped with 

a high-standard laboratory that achieves leading domestic performance in the 

performance testing of temperature control series products.

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Air to Air

Plate to Air

Plate to Liquid

Liquid to Air

Thermoelectric Machine

Our Air to Air Thermal Management Solution employs the forced convection by fans to transfer heat and facilitate efficient cooling. Ideal for various applications, including the sample storage in medical and analytical instruments, electronic cabinets, and industrial equipment control boxes, our solution ensures optimal temperature control and preservation.

We offer advanced plate-to-air thermal management solutions designed for efficient heat transfer from thermally conductive plates to the surrounding air. With a focus on direct heat absorption and rapid dissipation, our solutions ensure optimal performance and reliability for various applications, including medical devices, lab equipment, industrial lasers and beauty devices.

Our plate-to-liquid thermal management solutions enable seamless heat transfer from high-heat surfaces to the fluid medium within the liquid cooling system, ensuring optimal temperature regulation for critical components in various applications including medical diagnostics, laser technology, and analytical instruments.

Our liquid-to-air thermal management solution integrates the efficiency of air forced convection heat exchange on the hot side with the liquid refrigeration via pumps on the cold side, which caters to a diverse range of applications, from precision cooling for body tissues and therapeutic equipment, to the temperature regulation of sensitive electronic devices.

Our Temperature Control Platform is a versatile testing solution that ensures stable temperature conditions ranging from 4°C to 95°C, catering to a diverse range of customer testing requirements. Its modular design enables seamless automation, allowing for efficient and precise temperature control during testing processes.



Making the World Warmer.

Huajing is a national high-tech company that focuses on the research and
development of semiconductor system thermal control technology solutions.
We have mastered key core technologies such as efficient heat/ mass transfer,
efficient thermal control module development, and overall system thermal
control solutions, providing end-to-end services ...

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Exploitation and Design

We will show you how to improve service efficiency and quality, reduce costs and error rates, and ultimately achieve.

To establish good customer relationships, Huajing starts with customer requirements and ensures that customers receive satisfactory service experiences at every stage through clear processes and standardized operations.
Only on the basis of customer ...

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Exploitation and Design
Sustainable Development

Green development,
innovation for a
sustainable world.

Huajing's sustainable development concept aims to meet the interests and needs of society, economy and environment. Through rational use of resources, effective management of risks, protection of the...

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