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Our diverse range of thermal management solutions represents a commitment to excellence, precision, and reliability in the field of thermal control technology. With our expert team, we provides customized services to our clients to cater to a variety of industrial application. The Huajing thermal control systems are divided into different series: air to air, plate to air, liquid to air, thermoelectric machines.

What is Thermal Management?

Thermal management systems refer to the tools and technologies designed to maintain the temperature of devices or systems within specific operational limits, with the aim of preventing overheating, ensuring efficient performance, and extending the lifespan of heat-generating devices. As a leading thermal management manufacturer, Huajing provides clients with 3D structure design and CAE thermal analysis to find a perfect solution.

  • Air to Air

    Air to Air Series

    It is used to cool or heat objects in containers. Heat is absorbed and dissipated by heat exchangers equipped with fans. Simply cut a hole, plug in the assembly and connect it to a power source. It is designed for dependable, compact requirement. Typical applications include cooling electronics cabinets, analytical instruments, commercial refrigeration and food or medicine transportation boxes.

  • Plate to Air

    Plate to Air Series

    It is used in three key applications, including cooling or heating: 1) Objects directly on the cold plate, or objects on an additional cold plate of your own design; 2) Enclosures by attaching a thermal conductive container to the cold plate; 3) Liquids by attaching a thermal conductive tank or liquid heat sink to the cold plate. The heat is absorbed by the cold plate, pumped through the TE modules and then dissipated to the air by an air heat sink. It delivers compact and reliable cooling. Typical applications include cooling electrical devices, analytical instruments, lasers and commercial refrigeration.

  • Plate to Liquid

    Plate to Liquid Series

    It is used to cool or heat either objects attached directly to the coldplate, or enclosures by attaching a thermal conductive container tothe cold plate. Heat is dissipated to a liquid on the warm side. Theliquid circuit is normally of a circulating type with a pump and aLiquid-to-Air heat exchanger removing the heat into the ambient air.By using an efficient heat exchanger and one or more Plate to LiquidAssemblies a very powerful yet compact system is created. Ourstandard assemblies are optimized for high cooling capacity andefficiency rather than maximum AT Typical applications includetemperature cycling of electronic components, laser cooling andanalytical instruments.

  • Liquid to Air

    Liquid to Air Series

    It is used to cool or heat a liquid or gas flowing through a heat sink. The liquid heat sink is designed for a recycling system. The heat is absorbed by the liquid heat sink, pumped through the TE modules, and then dissipated to the air by an air heat sink. Typical applications include cooling of tissue or other areas of the body in laser or microwave thermo therapy; Cooling or heating in capillary electrophoresis; Cooling of power lasers and other sensitive electronics.

  • Thermoelectric Machine

    Thermoelectric Machine Series

    The Thermoelectric Machine Series are complete thermal management systems that provide a stable temperature for customer experiments, capable of maintaining a constant temperature from 4°C to 95°C. With a variety of cooling modes from the Air to Air to the Plate to Air, Huajing’s thermoelectric systems utilize the PID algorithm for precise temperature control and supports various communication protocols.

If you want to know the value our products can generate, please feel free to contact us.

If you want to know the value our products can generate, please feel free to contact us.

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