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Sustainable Development Environmental Concept

Sustainable Development Environmental Concept

Huajing's sustainable development concept aims to meet the needs of environmental, social, and governance interests through the rational use of resources, effective risk management, environmental protection, and promotion of social progress, achieving the organic combination and coordinated development of the company's economic benefits, social responsibility, and environmental protection.

The sustainable development concept is a long-term consideration for the future, which is both Huajing's mission and responsibility. We have established effective processes for pollution prevention, waste minimization, material recovery, and responsible handling of waste and wastewater.

Through conscious and thoughtful planning and implementation, we strive to reduce our climate impact, carbon footprint, and waste generation by adopting more energy-efficient machinery, upgrading air and water systems, and introducing more sustainability into all our processes.

Driving Social Sustainable Development with Technology

Driving Social Sustainable Development with Technology

Huajing is committed to driving sustainable development through technological innovation and creating a positive working environment by integrating multiple technological innovations into its business to promote the coordinated development of the economy, society, and environment.

In the energy sector, Huajing uses advanced intelligent technology to improve energy efficiency and achieve energy conservation and emission reduction, promoting the development and utilization of clean energy. In the manufacturing sector, Huajing is committed to digital manufacturing and sustainable design to reduce waste and pollution in the production process while improving product quality and longevity. In the field of urban management, Huajing uses the Internet of Things and big data technology to build a smart city platform, improving the efficiency and accuracy of city management and optimizing the use of resources and environmental quality.

Huajing takes technological innovation as an important means of promoting sustainable development and has made positive contributions to the coordinated development of the economy, society, and environment.

Sustainable Governance

Sustainable Governance

Huajing continues to establish sound governance mechanisms to ensure the company's sustainable development and fulfillment of social responsibility.

We have established a management structure to strengthen risk management, develop compliance policies and behavior codes, and ensure the company's legal and compliant operations. Through training and effective communication, we encourage employees to contribute to a safe environment.

Compliance and Certification

Huajing is committed to being a responsible and accountable enterprise, complying with relevant laws and standards to ensure our sustainability in economic, social, and environmental aspects. We have obtained environmental management certification to control environmental management in our production activities and ensure no pollution to the environment.

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