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Exploitation and Design

We can assist anywhere in your product life cycle, from initial conceptualization and design, prototyping and material samples,
to fabrication and manufacturing.

Product Development and Design Process

On the basis of market, Huajing focuses on the exploitation and design of innovative products, it pays, attention to link market with sources to proceed the design and exploitation of thermal projects.

  • Project Initiation

    Requirements Gathering. It's including cooling performance needed, size restrictions, power requirements, and any other important specifications for design. Input of Design Requirements, project team establishment by Huajing, organization of team meetings, and Project Establishment
    Project Initiation
  • Market Research and Positioning

    Market research and positioning analysis, discussion of product technology and value, exploration of new product technologies, cost analysis, and structure stacking evaluation.
    Market Research and Positioning
  • Industrial Design

    Design team creates multiple concept designs and sketches that meet requirements through product concept discussions. It's including selecting suitable TEC modules, heat sinks, fans, and other components to create powerful cooling components. 3D model design and styling, scheme submission and confirmation, product detail refinement, and structural stacking evaluation.
    Industrial Design
  • System Structure Design

    System design calculation and device selection, detailed 3D model design, combined with thermal modeling, simulation optimization, mechanical and electrical design, selection of specific components, calculation of thermal performance, and creation of detailed drawings and schematics for components, structural review, and output of drawings and device list.
    System Structure Design
  • Prototype Production

    Material selection, procurement, and processing; optimization of design; precise cutting and shaping of materials; bonding and welding of electrical connections; assembly and testing of thermoelectric cooling components to ensure they meet the required performance and efficiency specifications; prototype phase review; customer confirmation and prototype summary.
    Prototype Production
  • Testing and Validation

    Rigorous testing of TEC components to ensure they meet the required cooling performance and other requirements.
    Performance Testing: Includes thermal performance testing (measuring the temperature of the target object and the hot and cold sides of the thermoelectric cooling component), electrical performance testing (measuring its current-voltage (I-V) characteristics and resistance), mechanical performance testing (evaluating its mechanical stability and reliability under various conditions such as thermal cycling and vibration to ensure that the thermoelectric cooling component can withstand harsh application environments), and environmental performance testing (placing it under various environmental conditions such as extreme temperature and humidity to test its environmental performance. This helps to ensure that the thermoelectric cooling component can operate reliably in different environmental conditions).
    Reliability Testing: Includes testing the reliability and lifespan of thermoelectric components, including long-term stability testing, durability testing, and thermal cycling testing. These tests evaluate the lifespan and reliability of the thermoelectric component to ensure its reliability in practical applications.
    Compliance Testing: Includes compliance with three standards: US military standard: MIL-SDT-883E, communication industry standard: Telcordia GR-468, and temperature cycling test standard.
    Operation Testing: Involves checking for faults in thermoelectric components, such as open circuits, short circuits, poor contact, etc.
    Durability Testing: Involves lifespan testing to evaluate its long-term performance and reliability.
    Testing and Validation
  • Manufacturing and Mass Production

    Production process flow production, fixture and tooling production, mold design and evaluation, procurement of components and assembly of final products, small-scale trial production review and summary, and batch production introduction.
    Manufacturing and Mass Production
  • Quality Control

    Throughout the entire manufacturing process, the TEC components undergo strict quality control procedures to ensure they meet the expected specifications and performance requirements.
    Quality Control
  • Deployment and Support

    After the TEC components are manufactured and tested, they will be deployed to customers and supported for later maintenance to ensure that the components continue to operate at their best over time.
    Deployment and Support

Integration of Related Technologies

  • Industrial Structural Design

    Industrial Structural Design

    Industrial design is not about creating appearance, but creating relationships, and structural design relates to the good or bad productization. Through research and customer needs, accurate positioning, clear design ideas, efficient design communication, designers innovate from modeling, color, ergonomics, materials, processes, molding, assembly, etc. to achieve optimal design results.

  • Circuit Control Design

    Circuit Control Design

    In response to different customer needs, Huajing cooperates with external electronic design companies to develop and achieve rapid realization of customer products, early market entry, and seize the market opportunity.

  • Thermal Design and

    Thermal Design and Simulation

    In the preliminary given heat dissipation environment, Huajing designers will first evaluate the feasibility of the overall machine's heat dissipation, preliminarily complete the wind channel design and fan selection, complete the heat sink design; and finally perform the overall machine thermal simulation again to optimize the previous wind channel design and fan selection.

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