What products can Huajing thermoelectric cooler assemblies be applied to?

Release time: April 13, 2023

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What products can Huajing thermoelectric cooler assemblies be applied to?

Semiconductor cooler, also known as electronic cooler, thermoelectric cooler or Peltier cooler, etc. Semiconductor cooling technology has the characteristics of high temperature control accuracy, no noise, no pollution, and small volume, and its application advantages are increasingly recognized by the market.


As early as the 1830s, the Frenchman Peltier discovered that when a current flows through a junction formed by two different conductors, exothermic and endothermic phenomena will occur at the junction, and the amount of exothermic or endothermic heat is determined by the magnitude of the current. , which is the principle of semiconductor cooling technology. In the 1950s, the Institute of Semiconductors of the Soviet Academy of Sciences showed that the solid solution of bismuth telluride compound has a good cooling effect. This is the earliest and most important thermoelectric semiconductor material, and it is still a main component of semiconductor materials in thermoelectric cooling. In recent years, with the rapid development of modern technology, various thermoelectric cooler assemblies have also gained a broad market space, and have been successfully applied in medical, beauty, communication, automobile, industry, consumer electronics, aerospace and defense, oil and gas mining and other fields.

Huajing thermoelectric cooler assemblies are used in medical devices

Due to the existence of heat sources inside medical equipment, there are many factors that affect the temperature of internal components of medical equipment in medical work. Therefore, a good cooling and heat dissipation system is required to ensure the safe and reliable operation of medical equipment. In view of the characteristics of high precision, high quality and high safety of medical equipment. Huajing can provide thermoelectric cooler assemblies of custom solutions for medical equipment with the advantages of high temperature control accuracy and small volume of semiconductor cooling technology, as well as its own rich design experience in high-end fields.


Huajing thermoelectric cooler assemblies are used in beauty devices

Taking the hair removal device as an example, the hair removal device will generate a lot of heat during work, the heat dissipation is slow, and the cooling effect is not good, which will affect the hair removal efficiency and hair removal effect. The heat dissipation component of volume is bulky and takes up a lot of space, which makes the hair removal device's volume is too bulky. Good heat dissipation effect and small volume are the keys to solving the heat dissipation problem of the hair removal device. Huajing specially customizes thermoelectric cooler for beauty equipment, which can realize the advantages of heat dissipation components such as high cooling efficiency, small volume and flexible size.

Huajing thermoelectric cooler assemblies are used in communication power


The rapid development of network and communication technology has put forward higher requirements on the quality and speed of signal transmission. The continuous improvement of device performance and the continuous reduction of package size have resulted in a continuous increase in the heat generation density of the device. If the heat cannot be dissipated quickly, it will cause serious consequences of reduced product reliability and even damage. For optical communication devices, expect to heat dissipation, temperature control is more important. Huajing Temperature Controlled thermoelectric cooler can realize high-precision temperature control by controlling the input current. In addition, its small volume and high cooling efficiency make it very suitable for precise temperature control of optical communication devices.


Huajing was established in 2015. It is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on temperature control equipment solutions, integrating R&D, production, sales and customized services. It can provide customers with overall solutions for 3D structural design, CAE thermal simulation analysis and electronic software and hardware supporting technologies. Deeply cultivating semiconductor cooling technology for many years, our customized temperature control equipment solutions and products have served medical, beauty, communication, testing instrument.

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