Application of Huajing‘s Thermoelectric Cooler Assemblies in IVD

In Vitro Diagnostics

1) Blood glucose testing: In blood glucose testing, the temperature of the blood sample needs to be controlled to ensure the accuracy of glucose measurements. Using thermoelectric cooler assemblies from Huajing TECA allows for temperature control of the blood glucose meter, ensuring temperature consistency and improving the accuracy of blood glucose testing.

2) Immunoassays: Immunoassays are methods used to detect antigens or antibodies, commonly used in disease diagnosis. In immunoassays, it is important to maintain the reagents and samples within a certain temperature range to ensure stability and accuracy of the reactions. Huajing TECA can be used to control the temperature in immunoassays, ensuring temperature consistency of the reagents and samples and improving the accuracy of immunoassays.

3) Reagent storage, transportation, and testing: In PCR reactions, certain biochemical reagents or cell samples require low-temperature storage. Huajing TECA enables heating and cooling of the reagents at different temperatures, facilitating DNA replication and amplification. In ELISA testing, TECA can control the enzymatic activity in the reagent kit, thereby influencing the accuracy of the detection results.

When using TECs, the following points should be noted:

(1) Thermoelectric coolers require DC power supply, so special power supply considerations are needed.
(2) Due to the heat generated during TEC cooling, heat dissipation should be taken into account to avoid affecting the stability of reagent storage.
(3) TEC control needs to be adjusted according to the characteristics and requirements of the reagents to ensure their quality and reliability.

In Vitro Diagnostics

Advantages of Huajing in Equipment

Other applications of Huajing's thermoelectric
cooler assemblies

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