Application of Huajing‘s Thermoelectric Cooler Assemblies in Dehumidifiers


The thermoelectric cooling assembly is a device capable of converting thermal energy and electrical energy into each other. Through this thermoelectric effect, temperature control and regulation can be achieved in dehumidifiers.

1, Temperature Regulation: The performance of dehumidifiers is closely related to the operating temperature. Thermoelectric cooling assembly can be used as temperature controllers to help maintain the dehumidifier within an appropriate working temperature range, thereby improving dehumidification efficiency.

2, Heat Exchange: Dehumidifiers require heat exchange between the condenser and evaporator to achieve the condensation of moist air and the evaporation of dry air. Thermoelectric assembly can play the roles of condenser and evaporator by controlling the direction of the electric current to achieve the condensation of moisture and evaporation of water vapor.

3, Energy Saving: Thermoelectric components can help improve the energy efficiency of dehumidifiers. In some high-end dehumidifiers, thermoelectric assembly are combined with other high-efficiency systems, such as compressors or adsorbents, to make the dehumidifier more energy-efficient.

4, Precision Control: Thermoelectric assembly can achieve precise temperature control by adjusting the magnitude of the electric current. This is useful for achieving precise humidity control under specific environmental conditions.

5, CFC-Free: Compared to traditional refrigerants, thermoelectric cooler assembly do not require the use of CFCs, which gives them an environmental advantage.


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