The advantages of semiconductor cooling technology in the heat dissipation issue of beauty equipment

Release time: July 21, 2023

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The advantages of semiconductor cooling technology in the heat dissipation issue of beauty equipment

The rapid development of the beauty industry promotes the continuous innovation of beauty equipment, attracting professionals and technical equipment in the fields of medicine, chemistry, electricity, optics and other fields to enter the beauty equipment industry, bringing more raw materials, equipment and high technology to the beauty equipment industry. From theater beauty equipment to home beauty instruments, the functions of beauty instruments are becoming more and more rich and detailed, and the appearance is getting smaller and more delicate, which makes it have a higher demand for the integration and density of chips, assemblies and devices, resulting in equipment Power consumption and heat generation density have also been greatly improved, and heat dissipation has become an important issue in the research and development of beauty equipment.

The advantages of semiconductor cooling technology in the heat dissipation issue of beauty equipment

  1. The Thermoelectric Effect has an active cooling function, which can control the temperature of the heat source below the ambient temperature, which cannot be achieved by conventional air cooling, natural cooling or even liquid cooling, and can improve the heat dissipation efficiency of beauty equipment to a certain extent.

  2. It does not need any refrigerant, it can work continuously, there is no pollution source and rotating parts, and there will be no gyroscopic effect. There is no vibration, noise, long life and easy installation. And the volume is small, the structure is simple, the parts are few, and the maintenance is convenient. It can not only effectively respond to the demands of beauty instrument for shrinking volume, but also provide a good instrument's using experience.

  3. The thermoelectric cooler can not only cool but also heat by controlling the current direction, so using one cooler can replace the separate heating system and cooling system.

  4. The thermoelectric cooler is a current transducer type chip. Through the control of the input current, high-precision temperature control can be realized. Coupled with temperature detection and control methods, it is easy to realize remote control, program control, and  computer control, which is easy. to form automatic control system.

  5. The thermal inertia of the thermoelectric cooler is very small, and the cooling and heating time is very fast. Under the condition of good heat dissipation at the hot end and no load at the cold end, the thermoelectric cooler can reach the maximum temperature difference in less than one minute after power-on.


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