Application of Semiconductor Cooling Technology in Medical Laboratory Testing Instruments

Release time: July 21, 2023

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Application of Semiconductor Cooling Technology in Medical Laboratory Testing Instruments

In recent years, medical laboratory testing instruments used for disease diagnosis, disease research and drug analysis have made rapid progress under the application of high-tech technology and electronic computer test methodology. With the improvement of the automation degree of the instrument, the continuous enhancement of the function and the miniaturization of the instrument, the structure of the instrument is more compact and complex, and higher requirements are put forward for the temperature control technology of the instrument. Due to its small size, precise temperature control, high reliability, low noise, and the ability to cool and heat, the TEC play a vital role in the temperature control system of medical laboratory testing instruments and are widely used in modern medical laboratory equipment.

1. Centrifuge using semiconductor cooling technology

A centrifuge uses centrifugal force to separate liquids of different concentrations (such as blood cells and plasma cells). Under high-speed rotation, sample debris gradually settles to the bottom of the tube, thereby separating the DNA in solution. Centrifugation results are influenced by several specifications, including speed and duration, but the most important factor is temperature control. The temperature of centrifugal extraction needs to strictly meet the requirements, and a few degrees Celsius difference from the standard may seriously affect the quality, so centrifuges with precise temperature control are more popular in the market. The temperature control module of the centrifuge using the semiconductor cooling technology uses the fuzzy PID algorithm to adjust the voltage of the TEC through the automatic adjustment of the PID parameters, thereby controlling the cooling or heating of the TEC, and can control the temperature of the ultracentrifuge chamber. Precise and fast temperature control.

2. Constant temperature metal bath using semiconductor cooling technology

The constant temperature metal bath is used for the preservation of samples of various analytical instruments, the preservation and reaction of various enzymes, the denaturation treatment of nucleic acids and proteins, the PCR reaction, the pre-denaturation of electrophoresis and serum coagulation, and the aging of various product materials. The thermostatic metal bath using semiconductor cooling technology has high humidity control accuracy and good parallelism in sample preparation. Compared with water baths, it has the characteristics of fast temperature rise and fall, low noise, small size, and convenient movement. The precise temperature control equipment controlled by microprocessor PID perfectly applies semiconductor cooling and heating functions, which greatly shortens the time of experimental operation and improves the efficiency of staff. It is an ideal automation for reaction processes such as sample incubation, catalysis and storage. tool.

3. Low temperature incubator using semiconductor cooling technology

The low-temperature incubator is an ideal constant temperature equipment for scientific research units such as environmental protection, sanitation and epidemic prevention, drug inspection, agriculture and livestock, and aquatic products. The low-temperature incubator adopts semiconductor cooling technology, which can precisely control the temperature of the box body, has cooling and heating functions at the same time, and has low working noise.

4. Digital microscope using semiconductor cooling technology

Digital microscopes contain multiple imaging sensors and field programmable gate array semiconductors to improve image quality and camera functionality. Because CCD and CMOS image resolution decreases with temperature, lower sensor temperatures are required for long exposures. In order to achieve an optimal digital microscope operating temperature, a temperature control system is required to cool the imaging sensor below the ambient temperature. The recirculating cooler based on peltier technology provides precise temperature control with low pulsation and efficiently removes heat from sensitive electronics, ensuring maximum image resolution.

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