Application of Semiconductor Cooling Technology--Tumor Immunochemiluminescence Detector

Release time: July 21, 2023

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Application of Semiconductor Cooling Technology--Tumor Immunochemiluminescence Detector

Chemiluminescent immunoassay is a combination of chemical reaction system and immune system for the detection of antigens or antibodies. Labeling antigens and antibodies with chemiluminescent reagents has both the specificity of the immune response and the high sensitivity of the chemiluminescence reaction. The operation method is simple and convenient, the reproducibility is good, and there is no pollution. It has been widely used in clinical practice. Tumor immunochemiluminescence detector is established by combining enzyme-catalyzed chemiluminescence analysis and immune reaction, using magnetic separation technology to detect trace antigen or antibody labeling immunoassay technology. The detection of tumor markers has certain application value in the early detection of tumors, the development of the disease, the evaluation after treatment, and the monitoring of recurrence and metastasis.

Chemiluminescent reagents are generally composed of enzymes (composed of antigens and antibodies), markers, etc., and usually need to be stored at low temperature and taken out of the reagent bottle when used. Therefore, the low-temperature refrigerated reagent plate is an important part of the tumor immunochemiluminescence detector. Existing chemiluminescent immunoassay instruments usually use a semiconductor refrigeration module to cool the reagent disc. Semiconductor refrigeration is a refrigeration method based on thermoelectric phenomenon, which uses the principle of "Peltier" effect to achieve the purpose of cooling. 

In the reagent chamber temperature control system of tumor immunochemiluminescence detection instruments, the semiconductor refrigeration modules designed by Huajing mostly adopt air cooling and liquid cooling of the cooling methods. It has the advantages of flexible structure, easy implementation, precise temperature control, both hot and cold, which can effectively increase the heat exchange rate, improve the refrigeration effect, and prevent the deterioration of reagents.

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