Application of Semiconductor Cooling Technology--Infectious Disease POC Analyzer

Release time: July 21, 2023

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Application of Semiconductor Cooling Technology--Infectious Disease POC Analyzer

Infectious disease POC analyzer is a miniaturized portable medical device specially used to detect infectious disease pathogens. It has notable features such as simple and compact structure, easy operation, multi-channel high-efficiency parallel detection, and fast result judgment. POC analyzer reagent pot is an indispensable key component in POC analyzer equipment. It is mainly used to store and transport reagents required for various tests, such as enzyme labeling reagents, antibodies, standards, quality control products, etc. The reagent pot can precisely control the storage, selection, mixing, dilution and quantitative distribution of reagents, which is very important for obtaining accurate and reliable test results of POC analyzers.

The built-in constant temperature device in the reagent pot of the analyzer can provide the most suitable temperature environment for various stored reagents, and maintain their activity and stability to the greatest extent. Existing infectious disease POC analyzers usually use a semiconductor refrigeration module to cool the reagent pot.

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